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with the struggling u.s. postal service. immediately effect in the new york and los angeles areas. the rest of the country that following year. the ceo says the number one. stir for five years citing a tougher than expected market for electric vehicles. they have already sold over 120,000 electric cars in the past five years. or than any other manufacturer. -- more than any other manufacturer. and new products for online shoppers just in time for the holidays during a german company has unveiled a royal baby look- alike chris and george -- christened george. it is not a replica. it is just a new doll to commemorate his birth. about 57 yours for euros if you are interested. >> thanks. that was the day's business news. time now for a tour. september, they visited a host of locations with extreme characters on the tunisian island of turbo. this monday, they bring us the reports from tunis. >> you join us in tunis, capital of the country at the forefront of the arab revolt. there have been divisions and anxiety over where the country is headed. the barbed wire remains at the epicenter of tunisi
a work of art is a nomad, going everywhere in cities as new york, paris, venice, and los angeles. oldenburg's witty play with scale has been copied everywhere, as here in soho, new york's fashionable art center of the eighties. we've reached the point where more people are exposed to art than ever before in history, not only through books, films, museums, but from the everyday artifacts around them in their lives-- through advertising, through packaging, through the very clothes that they wear. the distinction between art and commodity is now blurred. so where does the artist go from here? we're looking at the skyline of new york, the sort of mythic image of modernness, progress, of endless sense of possibilities opening in front of an early 20th century sort of drunk on its own sense of growth and power. what's interesting is that now for us in the age of postmodernism, this skyline, this sort of mythic field of vision, seems to have receded from our view or seems to have sort of vanished into a reproduction of itself. richard haas here has painted the blank wall of a soho build
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2